portfolio entry 1- first horseshoe metaldetecting find

The first time i laid my hands on a metal detector i fell in love i was hoping to find a horseshoe the whole time i had it. The moment my Dad told me we where going to an old barn site i was so happy.I said we can go anytime we want.He said that we can go now so i jumped up and ran for my metal detector. I went to the old barn site my dad drove his truck to the right spot and i got out turned it on and went to action.i went around found nothing then i went back to the opening and got a signal.

The moment happened i was digging down and i brought my dog with me and she was walking around so i went to the other side to pick up my pro pointer.Which is the thing that locates the metal. So i went back to the hole and i needed help from my dad to did the hole because of strong  roots so i went and dug it up i saw a edge of a metal u shaped object. I was so happy when i saw it. I dug it up and got a horseshoe.